Above The Line Fitness is the premier one on one and small group-training studio in South East QLD. Specializing in Military style functional fitness! Our head trainer Sam has served as an Infantry Soldier in the Australian Army. With two overseas deployments under his belt, he has been tested both mentally and physically on a regular basis.

With many years of trying and testing many different fitness styles, he knows what it takes to transform both your mind and body to achieve the best results. Leading by example Sam practices what he preaches and will push you to your absolute limits, his specialized programming will allow you to grow in a way you never thought possible, all with the support you would come to expect from such a facility.

Our aim is to provide the most comprehensive client service you will find in Queensland, a service that begins from the moment you contact us to the moment you are confident enough to take on your own fitness journey outside of ATLF. We guarantee strength and satisfaction with the level of service you will receive as we believe fitness is a journey that everyone should have the pleasure to enjoy.

We focus on mind and body health and aim to educate our clients on the importance of the two and how they work together to create the highest level of overall fitness. Workouts will not only be physically demanding, but will also challenge you mentally, providing a sense of accomplishment that allows you to grow into a more confident and rounded person, ready to take on any challenge your day to day life throws at you.

With todays society being so fast paced, and the appetite for things to happen “NOW” we stress that there is no “quick fix” when it comes to transforming your mind and your body and we will not take any shortcuts when it comes to achieving real, sustainable results. Training at ATLF is a journey, and we intend to make that journey as educational, proactive and achievable as possible. You will be tested on a regular basis, allowing you to track and see your results in a functional manner, achievements are celebrated and incentives will be in place to keep you highly motivated.