Broccoli bacon salad with raspberries

This dish has a lot of elements but is still quite simple. It’s great served cold and keeps in the fridge – perfect for lunches!

  • 1 whole Broccoli cut into florets

  • 1 cup Fresh Raspberries

  • 1 Red onion sliced

  • ½ cup Slivered Almonds

  • ½ cup Sunflower Kernels (If safe)

  • 1 cup Diced free range Bacon


  • Lemon Juice Fresh – 2 TBSP

  • Extra virgin Olive Oil – 6 TBSP

  • White wine vinegar 2 – TBLS

  • Himalayan Salt and Pepper

Method: (As per YouTube video) Boil a pot of water and chop the Broccoli head into small pieces. Finely slice some red onion and dice bacon while the water boils. Add the Brocolli to the boiling water (maximum 5 mins- you don’t want to cook the Brocolli, only blanch it so it stays crunchy) Fry off the bacon in a frying pan. Drain the Brocolli and let it cool.

For the vinaigrette add the Olive Oil, lemon Juice, White Wine Vinegar and ⅓ cup of Raspberries, Season with salt and pepper and blend till a smooth consistency.

In a large salad bowl add the Brocolli, Bacon, onion, pine nuts, and sunflower seeds, mix around and sprinkle the slivered almonds on top. Serve with the vinaigrette on the side.

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