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Introduction into Ketogenic Nutrition (ebook)

In this article we will take a closer look at how to make long term, lasting lifestyle changes to help manage chronic auto - immune disease and maintain excellent health. Managing complex health problems and maintaining total body well-being goes beyond just food, nutrients and recipes. We need to address vital aspects of our life, including stress, sleep and exposure to toxins, as well as adequate exercise.


6 week meal plan (ebook)

I have been constantly evolving all my nutritional knowledge and cooking expertise having to live with an auto- immune disease, many people write to me and ask questions like: What they can do to help themselves? How do you stick to this diet? It seems too hard, is there an easy way? What you are seeing and reading is the result of many questions and encouragement from people around me, so I hope you stay through to the end and become an important part of this community.



For those who prefer the visual medium, here are some tips for a healthy life!