My piece for Mum

Why are we here? This is obviously such an open-ended question that could generate as many answers as grains of sand on the beach. Unless you're a biochemist and your answer is ‘To procreate and further our genome.'

How did I get to this moment? If you are a fan of my health blog or perhaps a business colleague you probably thought I fell off the map! If you are reading this and you are a friend of mine, you may be able to tell. If you are my family, you know deep within your bones exactly where my heart and purpose is right now.

It sounds peculiar to say ‘deep within your bones,' but this is exactly how I felt in the early hours of the morning as I watch over my mother, peacefully sleeping and barely breathing. We had been forewarned that she may not make it through the night. So many thoughts and emotions were running through my head and my heart - What if she doesn't wake up? When did I last say ‘I love you, mum?' Does she know how much I love her? As well as the other thoughts of ‘Why didn't I do more?' ‘What if we did this differently?'

The only thing I knew for sure, deep within my bones, was my own purpose - to help people, to learn everything one person can possibly learn about the human body and the mind, and help people live fulfilling and healthy lives. Right then and there, I wanted nothing more than a chance to help make my mother better. A chance to talk to her again and tell her that she means the world to me.

Well, my Mum, she heard me, she has given myself and my family that chance. When the Doctors had given up, Mum woke up! First, she was thirsty, a few days later she was hungry, and when she had the strength, she was cheeky! Did I say that? I meant chatty! Ever so chatty! So heartwarming to see. But the battle isn't over, and we have quite the path to walk, but we at least get to walk it together.

I have learned more about myself, those around me and life in general over the past four weeks than I have in thirty-four years. Everyone despite their own personal battles, as hardships have sympathised and helped our immediate focus, and that is our fundraiser in the name of our tough-as-nails Mother Sharron… We even have our very own team aptly named Team Shaz Tough Mother, obviously, a play on words for the upcoming Tough Mudder event we are participating in. We are using this as the catalyst to raise funds and do something to show our support for not only our family but others affected by either Cancer or Motor Neuron Disease.

If you have continued to read up to this point and are willing to be a part of our team or charity, please click this link here. We thank you so much for your support. Each and every person who has contributed, whether small or large, we want to personally thank you and will do so when our faces meet once again.

Now, this blog serves multiple purposes, a form of communication to my beautiful mother as I know she has always been there to support my endeavours and my journey within the health community, and I know she will read this, and it will probably make her upset. Mum, I'm sorry! Please don't cry, just remember everyone loves you! We are doing this for you!

It also helps me re-establish the connection I had lost with my own health journey, and the purpose I believe I have to help other people. I will openly admit that my own internal dialogue was one that this whole mission had become ‘too hard,' that ‘every man and his dog is now a health expert, what difference can I make?'

Well, Mum, you have made me realise what I want to do, and where I want to be!

Recently, I visited my physiotherapist, Rachel Vickery for some shoulder pain in anticipation of Tough Mudder in less than 2 weeks. Rachel would be the most adept physiotherapist I have ever come across, whom 3 years ago put me on this path of ‘health correction,' and introduced me to the world of functional medicine. It was after this recent visit; I was prescribed a vote of confidence that suddenly I had joined the dots. I want to be here to serve, and I must, and I will educate myself even more to further my purpose.

What is that purpose? Everything that matters in the world. YOUR HEALTH AND YOUR FAMILY.

I have had several people now ask me what is happening with this project, and this has also helped re-ignite this flame for me. Truly and deeply, I thank you for that! Your encouragement can save another person's life… Literally!

Too many people are suffering from disease -  both incurable and treatable. There is so much information out there on the interweb that even the most enthusiastic health advocate can get confused with the bombardment of content that is constantly being shared around, even if it is with the done warmest intentions.

When a family is going through pain and suffering, how can they be expected to know which is the right pathway when even the most elite health professionals cannot provide an absolute answer.

This is where I feel a change is needed. This is where I want my energy and focus to go. I am well aware that what I'm talking about here far exceeds the capability of one person's personal goals, but in life, we are either part of the problem or part of the solution. And I choose the ladder.

What next?

Study biochemistry?

Prove (or disprove) the Fasting MD theory?

You're never too old to become a student, and I can feel the university calling me!

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