Whole Nutrition Weekend Health Retreat

Leading into the weekend both Freda and I had a range of mixed feelings and emotions about what was about to happen. What we were not prepared for was the immense amount of support we had from the health and wellness community surrounding us. And this support transpired into an energy that projected onto the beautiful people that attended the Whole Nutrition Weekend Health Retreat.

And we both felt that energy reflected back at us come Monday, as everyone that was involved had gained valuable life lessons for themselves, whether it be nutritional education, cooking, movement and exercise, therapeutic benefits of remedial treatments or simply the mindfulness of meditation to bring calm into our life. We had prepared all of these aspects of healthy living for our guests, however what we didn't expect was the collective of the whole group experience to also rub off onto us in return. The result was truly humbling. I feel we gained as much power and knowledge as our guests and come to think of it, writing the word guest or participant just now doesn't quite feel right, having such a small intimate number of people meant we all felt like friends by the end of the whole experience.

We feel a tremendous amount of encouragement to continue down this path every time we have an experience like this and it is our absolute hope that our new found friends feel the same amount of encouragement and support through being part of this amazing weekend! Looking forward to the next one already!