When times get tough, all you need is food!

This evening as I wind down from yet another busy week I am now compelled to write this piece. In fact, I have wanted to write an update on my progress for many weeks now however due to time constraints I have never been able to, and it is exactly this road block that has brought the house of cards down.

Previously I have talked about cortisol, stress management and work life balance. My view on this still stands, however keeping yourself in check sometimes is a difficult task when you decide to put other things/other people as a priority over yourself. And I believe this is a grave mistake. 

It has now been 196 days since I last took my medication. And for the most part of 175 days I have managed quite well through a good whole food diet, plenty of sleep, moderate intensity body weight work outs, recreational activities and a pretty good (i say this lightly) work life balance/stress management regime.

I will admit that there were times that practicing what I preach wasn't at the forefront of my mind as I was getting through some 60-70 hour weeks of work, however the unraveling of my health began with some very devastating news I received 3 weeks ago. The amount of hormonal stress that must of flooded my body that evening was so intense that overnight my Ank-Spon had flared up quite severely. That is cause and effect right there folks, of that I have no doubt!

Of course the show had to go on, and perhaps my coping mechanism was to continue to keep busy. However, as i write this now, I am becoming uncomfortable, any period of sitting longer than 30 minutes and the discomfort becomes unbearable. I can feel my intercostal muscle and rib cage hurting as I breath and this generally gets worse as I sleep, making sleeping difficult. Thus taking away one of my best auto-immune management strategies.

Sounds like grounds to reach out and just take the medication right? Believe me I am thinking about it. I know that after one injection I can make all this go away in approximately 48 hours. Perhaps I am just a sucker for pain, but i like to think that I am pioneering my own health. 

You see, I need to stay true to the course, and through trial, error AND testing (bloodwork) I am determined to work out the fasted and most effective natural remedy to get my health back to a regular condition. I am very fortunate to have access to some amazing people and material so I intend to use all of it.

I would like to make the clarification that I am not anti-medicine, the medication has its merits and is doing amazing things for suffering people. However for me personally, if I don't figure out exactly what I need to do in order to alleviate these symptoms, I would have put myself back to square one, asking myself the same questions many of you may also be asking when faced with a crippling condition... Why? How? When will I get better? And generally we only receive a generic answer.

For now I am going to bid you farewell, get some rest, eat some great food and book my next blood test!

It is now Saturday morning, I have had 8.5 hours of restful sleep and I am sipping on a fresh turmeric, lemon and pepper tea. Step one of alleviating inflammation begins with rest. The active ingredient curcumin in turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a strong anti-oxidant, making this herb possibly the most powerful natural supplement available. When combining turmeric with pepper you enhance the absorption of curcumin by up to 2000%. Not a bad start to the morning if I don't say so myself. I love coffee, and it certainly has a good anti-oxidant profile, however one needs to assess the anti-oxidant benefit against the elevated cortisol (stress effect) levels and its effect on sleep patterns. 

With a fresh mind I have a clearer perspective on everything. A few years ago, I didn't have access to this particular medication. Before I was accepted into the drug program (one must first go through a rigorous series of tests for the program to be approved), I had to find other ways to manage my inflammation, pain killers and anti-inflammatory were just not effective enough. It is usually at this stage, when one becomes so desperate for relief that they will try anything and this is where my strict whole food regime began. I can easily say that my pain level back then was more intense than it is now, this is possibly why I had some anxiety about what was coming for me. However I also remember that through my diet choices and lifestyle I was able to alleviate my condition to a manageable level. I recall clearly that by the time I was accepted onto the drug program, I had already begun to feel better naturally. 

This whole process is what spawned the idea of this community. I spent countless hours of research, trial and error to try and figure out what works best for me and when I found something I was so god dam excited I wanted to share it with the world. Community is so important, support essential to success, especially when in times of need. My ultimate goal is to be able to provide that community and support for those people out there suffering in unbearable pain. Want to talk on the phone? Great! I love to chat about health. Need some resources to cut though the noise on the internet, we have them here for you! Need some new recipes, look within this site! Want a whole weekend to gain the benefits of all the above, we have even organised this as well!

Hope you all have a great weekend, much love and strength to everyone!