Day 1 – the base line

Hi Everyone,

Since following this was of life i have seen many improvements in my own personal health and well being. If you have read about my condition you will know that it hasn’t been an overnight success trying to manage this health condition myself.  However using expert advice, nutrition and medication, I’m determined to make a difference for myself and others, even if I have still have many hurdles to jump and further successes to follow.

So how do you know if this way of life will help you? Simple – Try it and see!

One of the first things i recommend when following the steps that i have laid out, is to go to your Doctor and get a blood test and see where your health currently stands before you try anything that concerns your health. A Base Line.

Have I done this? YES! 

And what i want to do here is publicly declare where my state of health is today… At the bottom of this post you will see my most recent blood test, a full count of E/LFT, Urea, protein, calcium and phosphates,lipid profile, cholesterol, fasting glucose, fasting insulin, Iron studies, TSH, T3, T4, FBC, ESR, CRP and Cortisol.


Base line Blood test

For the next 12 weeks i will be following my own meal plans and i will be posting how i feel both physically and emotionally on my Twitter AccountFacebookInstagram and Snapchat (DavidhiggsLCHF).

Most importantly in the final weeks i will be posting my results – Real accountable results found in the follow up blood tests i will receive. No smoke and mirrors, just the evidence you need to see how this works for me. Or perhaps it wont? Only time and real food will tell.

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