Day 5 – cutting the caffeine

Good Morning wonderful people of the world… Its such a lovely day today, i slept well, the birds are singing, I’m full of life and cant wait to take this day on!

Sadly, this is not how i wake up… for the most part i sleep well, but waking up is a slow process, i greet my housemates with a grunt and head to the coffee machine. Sound Familiar?

I am a person of routine, it is how i accomplish my goals and many tasks, and coffee is part of that routine. And it is one of my most favourite pleasures in life, yes i like to think i am a coffee snob, often seeking out artisan coffee roasters throughout the day for my second cup, sometimes 3rd!

But i also know this needs to stop, I’ve read many articles on the pro's and con's of coffee and also have written about toxicity on the body so i guess i will call caffeine a toxin. As i have previously posted my blood-work, everything there illustrates a healthy human, so i could argue i do not need to cut it out. However taking advice from the Paleo Mom…

 Very importantly, if you are a habitual consumer of caffeine, your cortisol will increase more dramatically in response to stress (like that guy cutting you off in traffic) than someone who doesn’t consume caffeine 6,7.  If you have difficult managing stress as it is, caffeine is not helpful to you. ”

I’m shocking in traffic, sometimes i sleep poorly, and i am often under stress with my Electronics Business so why add to the burden…. So here i am 5 days in and have halved my intake of Caffeine… I wonder what the Blood work will show in a few months?