Day 40 – Bring Back the Fat

Today was one of the greatest experiences I could imagine on this health journey. After all the trials and tribulations of being a health crusader, all the hard work, doubts, struggles and successes, the incredible feeling that you get when you know you have helped someone is truly amazing. And today I only scratched the surface of this ambition.

Esteemed Nutritionist Caitlin Dalton (whom I constantly harass for advice) invited me to the LCHF event – Bring Back the Fat, hosted by Christine Cronau and with guest presentations by Dr Aseem Malhotra and Damon Gameau. Caitlin and Christine have gone above and beyond organising this event, and I hope this is the first of many!

What an event it was, the turnout was amazing, just being here alone makes you feel like you are part of something that is going to change the way we look at health, medicine and nutrition on a global scale. This may be a big call, but the wheels are already in motion and everyone here is on the bus!

Investigative reporter and health researcher for the ABC Catalyst program, Dr Maryanne Demasi opens the event, Maryanne briefly touches on her recent reports of which I can recall watching on the ABC, however it is not until later when Dr Aseem Malhorta commends her accurate research, condemns her critics and encourages a round of applause that you realise just how much influence big pharma, media and corporations have on making policy and subsequently keeping the public misinformed about their own health.

Maryanne then introduces Damon Gameau, the star of That Sugar Film. This guy is both knowledgeable and quick witted, and handles the crowd quite well with some real informative concepts about our current health system, if you haven’t seen the film, I highly recommend it. Damon is doing some great things around the country and internationally not only educating people, but making industry changes akin to what Jamie Oliver does for the UK. What a champ!!!

Next up is the host Christine Cronau, putting this event on and committing herself entirely to getting this message out is enough for a standing ovation in my eyes. Countless stories of people she has helped through her books is truly inspiring. Teaching people to let go of their fears of fat through some hard facts and answering many audience questions goes down a treat, bravo!

And finally the most sought out cardiologist in the world – Uk’s Dr Aseem Malhotra wows the crowd with his presentation, giving everybody more than their money’s worth. There are countless papers Malhotra has published in the BMJ, he explains in detail the difference between RRR (Relative Rate of Risk) ARR (Absolute Rate of Risk) and NNT (Numbers Needed to Treat) and educates the audience here how the former is used regularly in the medical treatment and pharmaceutical world to skew the public’s perception of the necessary action to take when faced with a medical condition. Knowledge is power! He points out that after his message gains traction with the British media and the general public, there are attempts by the British health minister to silence and discredit Malhotra… His rebuttal is priceless, and uncovers further scandal within the ranks of the policy makers and public health system. In my opinion, you just can’t deny what Dr Aseem is talking about here, it cements the facts about cholesterol being demonised, this isn’t a trendy fad, this isn’t a corporate sponsored research project, there is no bias. This is the most up to date evidence based research emerging from the highest quality clinical studies. No cherry picking. Just truth. The information is thick and fast, luckily I am attending all three events to gain a real understanding of the message he is broadcasting.

It is so exciting to be a part of this world. If I am absolutely humbled with helping just a small handful of people through my little exhibit, I can’t imagine how overwhelmingly awesome it must be for people like Christine, Aseem, Maryanne and Damon to help people on a massive scale. It truly feels like a big change is slowly starting to evolve.

What does this have to with this No Sugar Coating Experiment? I’ll let you know in the next post when I reveal my body composition test conducted at the event today.

for tickets and information go here.