Day 18 – meeting other sufferers

Mitch Crews Shredding

Today i was due for my 3 month check up. Over the past 2 years i have been part of a medical trial where i take a powerful drug that interrupts certain messages my body receives reducing the severity of the auto-immune attack on my joints. (This being a very basic explanation of how it works.)

TNF inhibitor is a pharmaceutical drug that suppresses the physiologic response to tumor necrosis factor (TNF), which is part of the inflammatory response. 

Part of the exercise i am doing right now as part of this blog, is to see just how much my disease reacts to the foods i eat. This is very hard to measure whilst taking the medication, therefore  7 weeks ago i decided to stop. This is a calculated risk i have taken and i would not recommend anyone changing their medication without first seeking medical advice.

Many people have attributed their well being to their diet and lifestyle, and i applaud anyone who suffers an auto-immune disease and speaks openly about what works for them, their struggles and successes. On this day i met professional surfer Mitch Crews in the clinic, a real friendly guy who i had been hoping to meet ever since I read his article in a surf magazine (Read more here).

We discussed thoughts our thoughts on food, diet and travelling tips on how to safeguard the all important medicine that has to stay below 4 degrees at all time – quite hard to do whilst on a long haul flight, especially in third world countries where refrigeration and electricity is sparse. I wished Mitch all the best, and hopefully we see each other again and continue these talks.

The more people you meet that you can share experiences about auto-immune disease, the more you can empower yourself and your health journey. I want to make this site a community for people to share their stories and their recipes, there are still so many unknown factors with auto-immune disease management both in the medical world and the general public. There are so many great ways to keep on top of your game, take a look at Mitch, he’s shredding!

Please share if you feel the same.