Day 12 – Being Glutened!

Ever heard of the term being glutened? Usually this happens when you have gone out to a restaurant or even worse to a friends house for a meal and you accidentally eat some gluten. This is usually an innocent mistake, unless your friends are anti-glutard (Glutard being a comically politically incorrect term discriminating people with gluten intolerance) and they decide to intentionally put something in the food they serve you – No one is that nasty right?

Two of my most favourite foods that i miss dearly are the Australian Meat Pie and a good old fashioned burger. I personally can make dozens and dozens of delicious meals and love the Paleo Palate, however nothing will replace the taste of these foods. Just recently i was enjoying my weekend, skating along the foreshore of Miami beach on the  Gold Coast when i visited one of our favourite Whole Food cafe’s BSKT. They cater to just about every health trend whether it be Paleo or Vegan. They also serve a delicious burger there with a home made Gluten Free bun – Now i normally dont even eat gluten free bread as it is still processed and high in carbohydrates (not ideal when following LCHF ) However i just had a hankering for this flavour so i went for it!

The following day we visited again for breakfast (It is our favourite cafe on the GC), the look on the waitresses eyes was a little bit sheepish, she approached me and asked if i was ok. “Yes im fine” i replied. “Thank god” She said “I forgot to give you the gluten free bun! Your not allergic then?”

The difference with being gluten intolerant and coeliac is very different, 8 out of every 1000 people are coeliac, where gluten destroys the microvilli in the intestine effecting the absorption of nutrients in the intestinal track – plus a whole lot of other unpleasant side effects!

It is estimated another 8 out of 1000 are also gluten intolerant where the proteins found in gluten can cause a reaction for those suffering an auto-immune disease. However the affects of gluten in this group of people (myself included) may not be immediately noticed. And in some cases people will often expose themselves to gluten many times until they finally have a reaction.

In this particular case i felt no immediate affects. I was gluten-ed accidentally, (this teaches me for going for the burger!) But life goes on, i am not going to fall over and die. Two weeks on however, i have begun to feel some inflammation in my Sacroiliac Joint – Which is a common pain with my particular disease. Was it the gluten in the bun? It is really hard to tell. Was the taste of the burger worth the pain Im feeling now? Probably not!

Until i know for certain if i can tolerate small exposure to gluten, its best for me to just avoid it.  Use your best judgement to make the right decisions and watch out for Anti-Glutard Activists!