What is working for me right now

Good morning, it is 4.45am right now and I have been woken by the two screws being driven into my sacroiliac (hip) joints. No, I do not mean literally, I’m not undergoing surgery, I was actually laying in my uber expensive $3000+ chiropractic mattress in the comfort of my own home. However this excruciating sensation whilst stationary in the highest level of comfort is enough to get me out of bed to do something else to distract me from whats going on.

So what's working and what is not?

About 6 weeks ago I knew that my condition was on the brink of flaring up, and kind of like a woman's intuition that is always right, I confirmed this through some blood tests. Some time ago a very astute nutritionist (Caitlin Dalton) had given me the great advice to always test and measure, ‘the bloods don't lie’. So like a good student I have been getting regular blood tests to help me piece together a picture of what is actually happening when I make diet and lifestyle choices. Initially my GP explained that my blood tests have not confirmed anything as of yet but to keep an eye on it. A pretty general statement that comes from a general standard of care. However, after looking much closer at the results with detailed blood analysis from Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Leanne Scott, I knew I had to take action.

The first steps I had to take from a functional medicine approach was to eliminate all sources of problematic foods that trigger an unwanted response from the immune system, this includes gluten, grains, nuts, seeds, nightshades and dairy, and dare I say it… eggs! (this last perfect or perhaps not so perfect food I'm yet to experiment with).

This is what is called an Autoimmune (AIP) protocol. It is at the very extreme end of the diet spectrum, more so that being Vegan or Paleo as you can imagine - I have now discovered this over the last 6 weeks as it is increasingly difficult to navigate avoiding all these foods. No so much when preparing food at home where you have the liberty to experiment with new recipes, of which has been the most enjoyable part for me. But it becomes harder when eating out. Prior to this period of self experimentation I had been predominantly sticking to a Paleo or Ancestral style diet, of which you can still circum navigate a menu at a Pub Bistro, Indian, Thai or Mexican… But AIP, WOW! I'm suddenly that difficult person at the dinner table. Gluten and Dairy OK, but try avoiding chili, capsicum, tomato, potato and spices, not easy! But this is only a temporary measure, and one worth taking… In most cases the AIP only needs to be followed until your gastrointestinal tract has been restored to normal health (or in other buzzwords, till our leaky gut is no longer leaky!)

There is also a few more key elements to the Functional Medicine Approach, and this includes stress management, better sleep, and decreased exposure to toxins. So with respect to stress management and my workload I decided that it is no longer top priority to make sure that someone's sound system is working properly (My full time job is an Audio Visual tech). It's hard to believe but I get phone calls on a daily basis at all hours to help solve people's home entertainment issues. I guess that comes with running an Audio Visual business, however, as time goes on, and as my focus shifts not only towards my own health, but that of my family and subsequenlty friends, I realise that I no longer desire to have a business that doesn't serve a greater purpose. There is more to life than having a Home Cinema, and I yearn to create something bigger than myself, something that can truly impact and change people's lives, and if you are reading this right now, I believe that you are also involved in making this happen, either directly through your continued and much appreciated support, or even if it is indirectly through a small little change you may have that has improved your life. To me that's a win!

Oh look, I’m digressing!  Another indicator that this is truly the path I want my life to take, one of passion, one of health and one of helpfulness!

So 5 weeks ago I began my own personal video diaries, posting on Facebook what I have been currently going through and what I have been doing to alleviate the situation. I enjoy making these little videos and I think the better I get physically, the stronger I get mentally, the more valuable information I will be able to share with the people who become involved, whom I value so much!

Much love and strength to all fighting the good fight with natural remedies!